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Carol Nissenbaum, an East Meadow resident for 19 years, is the proud mom of a 21-year-old son, a 17-year-old daughter and a 9-year old schnoodle. She and her husband Marty celebrated 26 years of marriage in October. She graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in English (Writing), foolishly changing her major from Accounting in her junior year.
Recently outsourced for the second time in three years but not (that) bitter, Carol is now happily employed as a full-time editor and writer for an ad agency in Islip. She is also a freelance copy editor, writer and blogger in her spare time. Check out her blog at www.laurvan.blogspot.com. She enjoys making people laugh; no one in her house finds her remotely funny so she blogs in the hope that others will. Her wicked sense of humor is often described as "dry," which confuses Carol as she does not know anyone with a "wet" sense of humor. Friend her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/laurvan or follow her random thoughts and bad puns @nisscar on Twitter.  
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