Strangers Paying Off Walmart Layaways

East Meadow retailer sees boost in goodwill from anonymous donors as Christmas approaches.

Attention Walmart shoppers, there’s some generosity brewing in the Layaway Department.

Two anonymous donors paid off layaway accounts at the East Meadow , according to Zamaranee Valentine, a manager at the store.

"We have received two donations thus far," Valentine said. "Each of them helped multiple people in need."

Valentine added that she hopes to see more donations throughout the week, and she commended the "Secret Santas" for their generosity.

"We call them Secret Santas," she added. "They want to stay anonymous, and it's great to see that they are stepping up for those who could use support."

So-called “Layaway Angels” are popping up across the country, with Walmart being one of the last national retail chains to offer layaway with few restrictions. According to corporate officials, Walmart has been seeing donations like this from coast to coast - including at the nearby location.

"It has happened as far west as Washington and as far east as New York," she said. "It's something Walmart really takes pride in."

Do you know of other stories of selfless generosity this holiday season? Tell us in the comments.

Anna L. Richard December 30, 2011 at 02:52 PM
I think, it's wonderful, when someone becomes a donor by paying off someone's layaway. I'd like to do that, if I'm still alive, next year. God will reward that 10 year old boy!
Michele Washam December 30, 2011 at 03:40 PM
WOW Barb WOW...a little EDUCATION goes a long way not to mention a little kindness. I'd be careful about calling people names that you yourself represent. TickleMe plants are nothing like venus fly traps...so who is the dolt you nasty old woman.
David Kalmanir December 30, 2011 at 05:19 PM
Your post on the analogy of the "Tickle Me Plant", was the assumption I got when I searched out a video to view. It appeared to me as a defense mode, not a entertaining character.
Wolfe December 30, 2011 at 06:11 PM
Funny. Almost the same exact story appeared in the San Diego Patch on the same day regarding K-Mart layaway payments being made by anonymous people and over 260 people commented on how wonderful it is----on just over a week. This article has been here for nine days and no one seems to care. Is this just our East Coast mentality? Or have we become so jaded with commercialism that we just don't care anymore? One more point: The first six comments that I read on here were all about plants and dolls. No one seemed to give a rat's behind that some anonymous person might pay your bill. And that is why it doesn't happen here.
Jes December 31, 2011 at 06:44 AM
My mom's best friend took care of her dad for 10 yrs.He had Alzheimers.Mom was with the family singing him xmas carols when he died on Dec. 21st.Mom has been helping them pay bills for months.She gave her friend's sister $ so she could take time off from work & be with her dad when he died.Mom did their xmas shopping & cooked & made meals everyday.She paid for it all.Mom used the $ she received when both her parents died recently.She did this even tho she could have used the $ for dental work she needs.Mom has a tumor on her heart.We have spent 4 years seeing heart specialist.Drs. believe the tumor may have caused the loss of her teeth.With $ left by my grandparents,mom chose to help her friend rather than spend it on dental work.She told my brother & I this xmas would be different for us.Because she was helping her friend,she didn't have time to put up our xmas tree.We were given a wreath that stood at the alter of the church during the funeral.Mom put lights on it & put presents around it on the floor.Mom made sure we had a nice xmas,tho a bit unusual.She says she will still sit in the back of the gym for my school programs & my little brother's cause she is embarassed to speak with other people.But she says that inside,her smile is big cause she was happy she was able to do something for someone that was more important than what she needs.They say angels walk among us.I am lucky that I get to walk beside one everyday,my mom.


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