Malorie Mendoza Heads to Honduras to Help Needy

Mendoza got to shadow doctors and watch them work first-hand.

Global Medical Brigades develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief where there is limited access to health care.

The program currently focuses on the countries of Honduras, Panama and Ghana, where student volunteers and health professionals travel to establish mobile medical clinics in under-resourced communities. Hundreds of patients are treated and volunteers deliver public health workshops.  

East Meadow resident Malorie Mendoza joined the Stony Brook University chapter of Global Brigades and went to Honduras May 31-June 6. As part of her volunteer work in the brigade, Mendoza had the opportunity to shadow licensed doctors and a dentist in medical consultations and treatments and assist in a pharmacy under the direction of a licensed pharmacist.  

Prior to travel, Malorie’s younger sister Christina (a W.T. Clarke Middle School student) assisted her in collecting medical supplies like vitamins, cough/fever medicines, first aid kits and other pertinent supplies for Honduras.

Christina conducted workshops for Girl Scouts and requested that the participants donate medical supplies. Individuals and businesses assisted in sponsoring Malorie for the expenses incurred, including airfare.

Many thanks to Sr. Maureen Chase (Director of Pastoral Care at NUMC), the Milton V. Brown Foundation, and the worshipping community at (Catholic Mass services).   

Malorie is so grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow and more importantly  be part of assisting in the treatment of 1,164 patients.  She will again be joining the Global Medical Brigades to Honduras in the spring of 2012 and encouraging other students and professional medical volunteers to join as well.  For more information on Global Medical Brigades or how to assist, please contact MalorieM390@gmail.com.

This post was written and submitted to Patch by Carmel Mendoza.


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