Local Scouts Raise Money for Food Pantry

Troop 362 collected over 1,000 pounds of food in a 4-hour span.

Boy Scout Troop 362 held a food drive outside the East Meadow / on Jan. 8 to benefit the Food Pantry.

There were three teams of scouts covering all entrances. The boys handed out fliers to customers and collected over 1,000 pounds of food and other items in four hours. 

Due to the downturn in our economy, the increased number of people who are unemployed, and the numbers of people who rely on food stamps to feed their families, the number of families using food pantries has increased significantly.

"The troop trailer was full from the front and back with boxes full of donated goods and the boys should be very proud of themselves," Assistant Scoutmaster Andy Bonomo said. "They did a fantastic job."

The Troop thanks all who donated for their support. If you have a son (first grade or older) interested in finding out more about scouting, please contact Bonomo via email at abonomo@msn.com.

This article was written and submitted by Andy Bonomo.


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