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East Meadow Hosts Memorial Day Parade

Residents gather to honor their local Veterans

It was a picture perfect day on Monday to honor all of those who have served our country in East Meadow as the town held their annual Memorial Day Parade.

As in years past, the parade began at and ended at , where a ceremony was then held to honor all of those who have served and were lost.

The parade consisted of many local Veterans, the as well as various local groups and organizations. Members of the NYPD Emerald Society, and East Meadow Marching bands also participated in the parade entertaining the crowds that lined down Prospect Avenue.

“My father was a veteran of World War II, so it is a good day to commemorate the veterans and it is also a good family day," Anthony Polinice, an East Meadow resident, said. "Everyone gets the day off from work and we get to spend it together."

The Grand Marshall of the parade this year was Jim Carbone, a veteran and member of the VFW.

“I feel honored that I was chosen," Carbone said. “It brings veterans and people together.”

Sgt. Soto of Garden City, a member of the Unites States Marines, also participated in the parade riding on top of a military Humvee and was thankful for those who came out.

“It was good people showing support it feels good,” Soto said. "People honoring those who have fallen that’s pretty much what Memorial Day is about."

While all the veterans were grateful for the support and thanks that everyone gave to them, today many felt that it was time to troops home to prevent any more fallen soldiers in action.

“We actually try to honor those who we left behind and we try to get the public to realize that we don’t want this to keep happening, so we have to get after administrative, they’re the ones that keep sending them,” Carbone said.

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Jeanette Lowe Hafke May 29, 2012 at 01:47 PM
I wanted to share this observation with you re: the Memorial Day Parade yesterday in East Meadow. Sadly, this scenario was repeated in other towns, too. Motorists didn’t seem to understand that you can't cross a parade route (Prospect Ave.) nor run along side of a parade to try and pass them (Hempstead Turnpike). The lack of police presence, auxiliary or otherwise in securing the route was SHOCKING. The lack of ambulances this year at Prospect park for the heat stoke people was also noticed. One scout from BS T-2830 was overtaken by the heat, and at least one other from BS T-362 almost did. The ambulance had to be called in. Massapequa had a similar problem of little to no police presence and cars driving through the parade. Not sure if this is due to any cutbacks, but it was very disturbing being that the troop I was marching with Brownie T-1061 almost got run over on prospect due to a either clueless or very self-centered individuals trying to cut across the parade route and no one appearing to be running the show.
Jeanette Lowe Hafke May 29, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Another point on interest: one car was tossing out bubble gum and Tootsie Rolls. While this may have seemed like a good idea, it's execution was flawed. The items usually fell not far far from the vehicle as it was being thrown by individuals within the car. Kids were dashing out to retrieve it, coming dangerously close to the car's wheels or that of the following vehicle. It really needed to be tossed from the back of a flatbed truck or a open side door on a minivan... I hope this reaches the right people (eventually) and this scene can be avoided for next year's parade, so we can concentrate on WHY we're marching and not trying to keep from becoming roadkill.
Michael Ganci May 29, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Thanks for sharing Jeanette!
Strug Lynn May 30, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I was also surprised by the lack of police escort at this year's parade. Whether this was due to the cuts, or staged to appear that it was due to the cuts, it is not acceptable. The safety of our kids and elderly should not be used to make a political point, if that is what it was.


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