Rich Ohrnberger Earns NY Giant Try-Out

The East Meadow High School graduate broke the news via Twitter on May 10.

Rich Ohrnberger, the graduate who by the New England Patriots in February, is getting a new opportunity with the New York Giants, according to his personal Twitter account.

"Checking in at mini-camp for a tryout with the NY Giants," Ohrnberger wrote. "Hopefully my rigorous off-season regime of hot yoga and calisthenics pays off."

It's been a rough go of it for Ohrnberger, 26, as he missed the entire 2012 season with a concussion. In February, Patriots' brass decided to cut the cord on the former East Meadow Jet.

Ohrnberger to be taken in the NFL Draft in 2009. When his phone rang during the fourth round, the New England Patriots proved Ohrnberger’s expectations wrong. Coach Bill Belichick welcomed Ohrnberger to the NFL, and his dreams of becoming a professional football player had come true.

“I was sitting in the living room with my family and some friends when the phone rang,” Ohrnberger said. “I can say, without doubt, that that was the happiest day of my life.”

How would you react if Ohrnberger makes the Giants? Tell us in the comments.

P.M. May 16, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Reaction if Rich makes it to NYG!!! Never Mind that for right now..just the accomplishment he has already done...and has obviously overcome his injury ...to make a TRY OUT fo the NYG! That in itself ....the ladder he is climbing has to prove others wrong... Way To Go Rich!! Keep up the hard work and I do not know you personally but I will be proud to speak of you and how u r from EM (like me :) )...and that's why after 25years ...o being a NYG FaN ..I finally purchased a new hoodied (hopefully with your #)..But u Gotta go for it!!! Good Luck and My Prayers are with you and every young man whom works as hard as you do....


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