Woodland Wins Pledge Drive Contest to Delete Cyberbullying

Cablevision awarded the school a $2,000 grant.

received a $2,000 grant Wednesday from Cablevision for their role in encouraging students to go online and sign the Power to Learn Delete Cyberbullying pledge. 

The check was presented to Principal James Lethbridge and Advisor Patty Graham, who accepted on behalf of the school. Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray commended students for their commitment and spoke about the potential consequences of online bullying.

"Students today are coming of age in a technological world, and need to be taught that cyberbullying can have serious, lasting repercussions," Murray said. "I commend Cablevision for its Delete Cyberbullying pledge drive that empowers students and lets them speak out against online bullying."

Schools from throughout Cablevision’s tri-state service area were invited to participate in the Delete Cyberbullying pledge drive, with 10 schools — including Woodland Middle School — declared winners for producing the most signatures.

More than 40,000 students signed the pledge, with 29,015 pledges coming from the winning schools. Power to Learn is Cablevision’s nationally recognized education initiative dedicated to integrating technology into education. 

"The Power to Learn Delete Cyberbullying pledge drive was part of a year-long initiative that featured a series of activities to raise awareness among students and parents regarding the risks associated with online bullying," said Trent Anderson, Cablevision’s Vice President of Education. "We congratulate Woodland Middle School and thank everyone who took part in this important project."

Designed to remind students that inappropriate online behavior can hurt others and have serious unintended consequences, the Power to Learn Delete Cyberbulling pledge states:

  • I pledge to take a stand against cyberbullying.
  • I will not use technology as a weapon to hurt others.
  • I will support others who are being cyberbullied and will include students who are easily left out.
  • I promise not to be a bystander to other people’s bullying.
  • I will stand up to and speak out against cyberbullying.
  • I agree to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • I pledge to help delete cyberbullying.

For more on Power to Learn, click here.


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