Parkway Students Explore Native American Life

Students had the opportunity to videoconference with the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The fourth-grade teachers at have been working with an AUSSIE consultant on a unit that explores Native Americans and settlers.

The curriculum they have written, which is linked to the Common Core State Standards, employs mathematics, science, social studies, creative writing and ELA. Computer teacher Maria Crayne-Leftwich also developed a Wikipedia page on Native American legends to assist the students with their assignments.

Fourth-grade students had the opportunity to videoconference with the Cleveland Museum of Art on the subject of Native Americans and settlers. After viewing landscape art, they deconstructed the artwork into small details, using their imaginations to tell a story. The students also viewed old photos and computer-generated images of Native Americans, settlers, and their habitats, and discussed the differences between log cabins, teepees, long houses and wigwams.

The museum provided materials to be used during the videoconference such as beads, buttons, cloth, leather, fur, corn, beans and feathers. By working in small groups, each student took on the role of either a settler or a Native American and traded or bartered these items without speaking because of the language barrier.

The Parkway students enjoyed their trip back in time and can’t wait for their next videoconferencing adventure.

Did one of your children participate in this project? Tell us in the comments.


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