Back to School Essentials: School Supplies

Stock up on supplies in the final week before the school season.

Although the school sales have been up in stores for what seems like months, you've conveniently waited until the very last minute to shop and are now in a bit of a panic.

In June, you carefully placed the list of items that your son or daughter would need for September in a "safe place" that you swore you'd never forget. Well, as tends to happen from time to time, you've gone and forgot your secret hiding spot! Don't panic. Visit School Supply List, a website that provides lists of necessities for various districts, including East Meadow.

Now that you're armed with the lengthy list, cut down on shopping by visiting only one or two stores in the area. Both the local and are armed and ready for your back to school shopping raid.

Right now, is having a sale on many items categorized in the "Back to School" section. Purchase each of your little girls a pink Kit Kat clock, so they can time themselves while getting ready for school in the morning and save $10. Buy two Lunchskins resuable bags and save $2, while stocking up on items that will take your youngsters through a number of school day meals.

More traditional school items are available in this sale as well. Stock up on writing utensils with a pen set, reduced 15% from the suggested price down to $19.99. Other goodies include Clementine Art Natural Crayon Rocks for $5.99, Fiskars Environmentally Friendly Straight Scissors for $7.49 and a Master Lock Speed Dial Set - Your - Own Combination Lock for $10.99. Looks like you'll be able to get back to school shopping done and save the environment this season!

Visit to stock up on everything from arts and crafts items to computer supplies and backpacks and bags. Be sure to buy plenty of black ink, such as the HP Inkjet Print Cartridge in Black 74 for standard assignments, as well as some fancy paper, HP Advanced Photo Paper Glossy for instance, for those extra special projects.

In a sea of assignment handouts, lab reports and art projects, kids also need a way to stay organized. Purchase high quality items that won't rip apart from holding a minuscule amount of papers. The 1 inch Avery Binder that holds up to 175 pages and the Caliber Expanding File Case  take your scholar right from the starting days of September to the joyful days of June.


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