IRS Strips Non-Profit Status of Local Groups

20 East Meadow groups affected by the automatic action of the IRS.

Several East Meadow organizations had their tax exemption status revoked by the Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday, according to the New York Times.

Over 275,000 organizations throughout the country were affected by this move, including the 20 in East Meadow, which ranged from trade associations, labor unions and more. According to the IRS, this occurred when the organizations did not file the required reports for three consecutive years.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires almost all non-profits to file annually. Though the IRS said that many of these organizations are probably defunct, there is a process online that allows for a reinstatement of the tax-exempt status.

The following is a list of organizations registered to East Meadow addresses that had the tax-exempt status revoked:

Organization Name Registered Location Center for Emergency Care Training East Meadow Challenge Foundation Inc. East Meadow Friends of Nassau County Recreation East Meadow Hrozover United Bros Assn. Inc East Meadow C-Mac Informational Services Inc. East Meadow College Aid Planning Services Inc. East Meadow East Meadow Hockey Club Inc. East Meadow Epcal Roadway Association Inc. East Meadow Go Ministries International East Meadow International Alliance Theatrical East Meadow Long Island Rate Bureau Inc. East Meadow Long Island Vettes LTD. East Meadow Long Islanders for Thresholds Inc. East Meadow Metropolitan Health Administrators East Meadow Nassau Animal Rescue and Adoption East Meadow Ojoto Union USA Charity East Meadow Performance Poets Association Inc. East Meadow Two Island Productions Inc. East Meadow Ukrainian American Cultural East Meadow Wenwood Oaks Civil Association Inc. East Meadow


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