Dems Rip Proposed Sewer Privatization

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Monday, Legis. Dave Denenberg, D-Merrick, joined with the members of the Nassau County Coalition of Civic Associations (NCCCA) and other activists at a rally to call for immediate hearings on County Executive Ed Mangano's continued effort to privatize Nassau's sewage treatment plants.

United Water has been selected as the operator and the county is now examining 13 responses from investors interested in giving Nassau County $700 million to lease its sewage treatment plants for the next 50 years.

The loan would be repaid by Nassau's sewer taxpayers through a new sewer rate structure based on water usage, according to a release. An investor could be selected by the end of the summer, yet there has not been one hearing scheduled on this issue. 

"This deal is a gold mine for investors who are lining up at the door to reap profits that will be paid for by Nassau taxpayers," Denenberg said. "Mr. Mangano continues to push forward behind closed doors with the biggest one-shot in our history.

"This is no more than a county bailout on the backs of Nassau taxpayers," he added. "We demand transparency and an immediate hearing on the status of this potential deal.”

The Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) – a fiscal watchdog that controls county finances – has already rejected a contract with Morgan Stanley put forth by the county executive which would entitle them to up to $5 million for brokering the sewer deal.

"This should have been a warning sign to Ed Mangano to stop, and re-think this," the Democratic Caucus said earlier this week in a release. "Yet, he continues to promote a plan that is completely and entirely unfeasible for our county and expensive for our residents."

County Secures Nearly $1 Million in Grants to Improve Traffic Safety on LIE

County Executive Mangano announced Thursday that the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) will receive $915,000 in funds from the New York State Department of Transportation for enforcement of patrols of the east and west High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes of the Long Island Expressway (LIE) from the Queens border to the Suffolk County line. The grant will help fund police officer overtime expenses and vehicle usage reimbursement for dedicated patrols to enforce the HOV traffic laws on the LIE in Nassau County. 

The grant includes funds to plan, schedule, implement and manage the HOV Lane Enforcement Program and provide monthly enforcement schedules and assignments to the department. In addition, in consultation with the NCPD, the funds will assist with instituting special operations support for pavement sweeping, pavement striping and other highway maintenance, and providing reimbursement of operating costs for vehicle usage for the HOV lane enforcement.

Monitoring will be ongoing and a review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the patrols and monthly reports will be compiled summarizing the previous month’s enforcement activities, including the actual number of tours, related costs and the number and reason for stops.

County Announces "Wedding for a Veteran" Contest

County Executive Mangano and the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency today announced the “Wedding for Veteran” contest to award a complimentary wedding for this Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at Westbury’s Viana Hotel & Spa to one lucky Nassau County veteran or active-duty member of the military.

Co-sponsored by the Village of Westbury, the Westbury-Carle Place Chamber of Commerce, TD Bank, and the Viana Hotel & Spa, the all-inclusive wedding package for up to 50 guests includes a full menu and house drinks, a DJ, photo, and videographer services.  Also included are flowers, favors, bridal gown and favors.  The Viana Hotel will also offer 10 rooms for use by the bridal couple and their guests for the night of Nov. 11, 2012. In addition, arrangements can be made for a wedding ceremony to take place at the Viana Hotel & Spa.

The "Wedding for a Veteran" contest is open to any Nassau County veteran or active-duty serviceman or woman. To enter the contest, each applicant should provide a written description in 100 words or less describing why they should be chosen.  Applications can be picked up at the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency and must be postmarked by Sept. 24.

Veterans must be honorably discharged and must produce a copy of his or her D214 if chosen as the winner.

All applications should be mailed to the Veterans Service Agency, Building Q,  East Meadow, NY 11554, Attention: Joseph N. Pascarella, Acting Director.  The winner of the “Wedding for a Veteran” contest will be announced on Oct. 4, along with 2nd and 3rd place winners who will receive a monetary prize.

"Early Bird Special" Announced at County Driving Ranges

County Executive Mangano announced Tuesday that residents have an opportunity to pay one price of $10 for the "Early Bird Special" and receive unlimited refills of their bucket Monday through Friday, from 7-9 a.m., at any of Nassau County’s three driving ranges.

The driving ranges participating in the promotion are located at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow (516-572-0337); Cantiague Park in Hicksville (516-571-7082); and North Woodmere Park (516-571-7815). 

For more information about the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums, please call (516) 572-0200 or visit www.nassaucountyny.gov/parks.

richard libbey August 14, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Selling the sewer system will just lead to higher price for the serfs. We need to cut government well beyond what is being done now. We need to consolidate and eliminate every level of government. We should have the right to vote on the budgets our servant government dictates to us, they are our master. We deserve to get our property rights back from the corruption we call government. They keep voting themselves more power and control over our lives and we are the loser. Let us get rid of the party system and vote for individuals. This is the only way we will have change.
Sam Livingston October 13, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Eddie- I agree with what you are saying about the clueless giving away the hard taxpayers money, especially to those who only know how to collect, scam and ride the easy street while we toil! I disagree with selling the sewer system and instead should look into how efficient NYC's is! As for tax savings, with the reduction in police station houses and the increased travel time for detectives and patrol when investigations and arrests happen, there will be a diminished amount of uniforms on the street, and the ones that are involved in the most activity will be the ones who are driving extra distances instead of doing real police work. Sometimes a savings actually costs in areas where you can't put a price on, such as safety!
Sam Livingston October 13, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Just a comment about an area that is NOT being addressed here on taxes and services. Why hasn't anybody mentioned the SCHOOL TAX and the highest paid teachers in the country? Sure, municipal workers get pensions and the police can often retire younger than most, but if look at the following "bullet" points, you may see some of the reasons: *Police (and fire) do a dangerous job and if you look at the recent injuries and tragic shooting, you'll see why an earlier retirement is important, especially for those who are "workers" and constantly out there protecting us! *Teachers have a great profession, especially on Long Island. I seriously doubt that anywhere else in the country do they receive the wages, benefits and pension package as they do here. Just look to the west and see what the pay scale is in NYC. Sure, you can argue about a better education and classroom size, but at what price. Look at some of the "stellar" districts and see how poorly some of them performed in mandatory testing and scores. *The fact that we're arguing over the small percentage of our taxes compared to the larger one. Most tax bills show the county & town taxes at 20-25% of the aggregate while the school tax is 75-80%. Lets do away with so many kingdoms with emperors (very overpaid superintendents) and the huge administrations with company cars, school owned houses and multiple levels of principals and see how taxes can really go down!
JOE October 13, 2012 at 07:55 PM
Hey Sam even when we scream about school taxes , nobody talks about the real problem in the school system. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION. These people who are on this board are so FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE with our tax dollars and nobody screams . How do you think the teachers got such big raises? it was the fiscally incompetent BOE who gave in to these contracts. As far as the privatization goes that is the mantra of the republican party . Privatization also stands for de-unionzation. The republicans want to get rid of the unions so they can pay people crap wages and make them work without the safety and environmental standards that they dont want because it gets in the way of profitability. Privatization is a scam .


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