Police Investigating Possible Sandy Repair Scams in East Meadow

Authorities say that elderly Hurricane Sandy victims are a prime target.

Nassau County Police were investigating possible Hurricane Sandy repair and clean up scams in the area of North Jerusalem Road on Wednesday after authorities saw two men, who were out-of-state workers, with a confused elderly woman at a bank.

"The two out-of-state workers, escorted the woman to a bank in the area for a job that they apparently did not do after they knocked on her door," Sgt. Michael O'Mara said. "We are still investigating the matter."

O'Mara said that police have been keeping an eye out for scams during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He said that residents must be very careful.

"If you did not call a contractor, don't let them in your house or on your property," he said. "If they are persistent, call the police."


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