Locals Say Area is Still Safe After Shooting

Many believe that shooting was an isolated incident and Hempstead Turnpike is not specifically prone to violent crime.

Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow is still a safe place according to local residents and business owners after the morning at the East Meadow Shopping Plaza, located on Hempstead Turnpike at East Meadow Avenue.

The incident, which unfolded around 5:15 a.m., left Dwayne Oxley, 41, of East Meadow, dead and a Nassau County police officer injured during a struggle over the officer’s weapon. A second police officer shot Oxley when he had a chance to stop the struggle.

owner Marcia Krinick said she is not concerned about her safety in the area because, as far as she knows, nobody has had any problems in the shopping center. Her store stands yards away from where Friday’s shooting occurred.

“Overall, it is pretty safe,” Krinick said. “I leave here at 7:30 at night when it is dark and I have never had a problem here.”

She added that one of her employees walks to work everyday and “she has no concerns about it.” The only crime in the neighborhood that she has heard anything about was a few incidences of car break-ins, Krinick said.

Kenny Kaufman, a longtime resident who lives close to where the shooting occurred, said that he doesn’t think that Hempstead Turnpike, or East Meadow as a whole, is a necessarily dangerous.

“When you think of the odds, these are small numbers,” he said. “I don’t feel nervous, but I do feel that you have to keep your eyes open.”

“I don’t have any personal experience to say that I don’t have a feeling of safety,” said Chris Hackert, owner of , whose business is located on Hempstead Turnpike, but further east of the site of the shooting.

Hackert said that they do see homeless people coming to ask for money, but nothing that has ever made him feel unsafe. Though a couple of stores in his shopping center have been the sites of crime in the past few years, the shooting seems to be an isolated incident, he said.

Opinions on the police department’s response to safety threats in the area ranged from locals feeling comfortable with police presence to other thinking more training is needed on the force.

“I think the police are doing a good job. What else can they do? You can’t be everywhere at one time,” said Krinick, adding that the police seem fairly busy patrolling the area and will sometimes “swing by” the shopping center.

Hackert said that anytime there has been an issue in his shopping center the police always promptly respond and do “a fine job.”

“I think the police have to be trained a little better on their response to these people,” said Kaufman in regards to police response to similar types of crimes. “They have to be trained on the safety of shooting. I think they should be trained on the use of force and be very careful with what they are doing."

Do you think Hempstead Turnpike is safe? Tell us in the comments.

tj January 06, 2012 at 03:43 AM
To paul what are these police television shows u talk about.......Not that i watch t.v.,,, but that comment about police television are what cops make once and awhile to change the subject...Why can u not intelligently tell me how an unarmed man is able to get any where close to grab a cop, especially one locked in his car...Sounds like the cops engaged the man themselves when they should have used not lethal methods to subdue the guy...I think mace would have took the fight out of him..spray it in the car...No mace. then wait for back up .the guy aint going anywhere locked in his car blocked by a police car....Wrestling with this guy got a cop shot and his partner goes up to the guy point blank and shoots him multiple times...thats police work?? I dont think a television police show would even make cops look so faulty...if im so wrong please enlighten me....
paul January 06, 2012 at 03:53 AM
To TJ: OK you are absolutly 100 percent wrong! No two scenarios are ever going to be the same. You are thinking about scenarios that are not going to change second by second. Real life interactions change second by second. They look faulty to you because you are looking at the situation through a pin hole and not a broad spectrum....
tj January 06, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Ok Paul I understand no 2 scenarios will never be the same???Things change second by second??? But I dont understand how an unarmed man is able to get so close to a police officer that they can grab his gun...Possible taking off the safety of the gun if it was on..... I will just never under stand...if this guy is lunging toward you or what ever the case...I would think a cop would be told to keep your safe distance and use what tools you have to stop this man from coming anywhere near you...And parking areas well lit like that are usually well surveillance. Maybe a video will surface...But scum of the earth or not if I was related to this guy I would have a ton of questions...Personally what I have seen in that situation...Cops get very angry quickly if you do not jump to their commands, especially if its get out of the car..I have seen old men and women thrown out of their cars if they did not get out fast enough.....What ever the case I guess we will just agree to disagree and it seems like most people feel justice was served anyway....Not like the general dumb public knows anything...
Brent M. January 06, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Stop Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Police Officer.. none of us was there.. stop saying.. "what if he.. " or "I think he shouldve"... None of us were involved directly in the situation..pr know the proper police procedure as per Nassau County Police Policy .. it s very east to point the finger AFTER the fact...
name withheld May 04, 2012 at 04:01 AM
I knew Dwayne very well and have to say, as sad as his death was, not a surprise he died this way. He was in and out if trouble his whole life, and we thought he was back on the right path, but knowing him too well, I can only imagine what he may have been doing in the car at that time of night/morning, obviously something that led the police to want him out of the car. RIP Dwayne, you are loved, I just wish you could have escaped your demons...


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