Crime Nearby: Vehicle Damage, Shoplifting, Jewelry Stolen

The following arrest information was supplied by the Nassau County Police Department; it does not indicate a conviction.


  • Jewelry and electronics were taken from a home on Bedell Street on May 15. The suspect entered through the rear window.
  • On May 15, Penny Palmer of Bellmore was arrested for removing $185 worth of items from Walmart on 1123 Jerusalem Ave. in Uniondale
  • On May 19, an unknown suspect (s) shattered the rear window of a complainant's 2001 white Ford Windstar parked on Bellmore Avenue.

East Meadow

  • Sometime between May 13 and May 14, change was removed from two cars that were located on Cole Drive.
  • According to police, Jason Hurtes, of Westbury, was charged with removing $45 worth of goods from Home Depot.
  • John Trane, of Great Neck, was also charged with removing items from Home Depot. He allegedly removed $419 worth of goods from the store.
  • Sometime between May 19 and May 20, a vehicle window was damaged. The vehicle was located on Meadowoods Drive.
  • On May 20, a vehicle located on 3rd Street was damaged by pellets from a BB gun.


  • According to police, Angelo Menna, of Merrick, was charged with removing $185 worth of items from the Uniondale Walmart.
  • Three vehicles had their windows broken and property removed on May 17 while parked on the LIRR station.
  • On May 18, an unknown suspect(s) smashed the rear window of complainant’s 1990 red Ford Taurus that was parked in the driveway of a home on Illona Lane.
  • Sometime between May 19 and May 20, an Ipod and charger removed from an unlocked vehicle that was parked on Margaret Boulevard.
  • Vehicle windows were damaged sometime between May 19 and May 20. The vehicle was located on Ava Street.
  • Sometime between May 19 and May 20, a fence located on Faye Court was damaged by graffiti.


  • On May 18, a 17-year old male from Seaford was arrested at the Nassau County Police Department headquarters and charged with leaving the scene of an incident without a report.


  • The hood of a 2001 red BMW parked on Park Avenue in Wantagh was reported keyed on May 14.
  • A man reported finding his bicycle and bike lock stolen from the on May 17.
  • Raymond Hanley, 27, of Wantagh was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated at West Park Avenue in Long Beach on May 20.
  • A rear window at on 2667 Bayview Ave., Wantagh was reported shattered on May 21.


  • Elmer Zavala, 25, of Westbury, was charged with misdemeanor Misuse of Food Stamps, Food Stamp Program Coupons, Authorization Cards and Electronic Access Devices and Petit Larceny for his role in a food stamp fraud scandal. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.
ender wiggins May 31, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Maybe the police should be patrolling the streets instead of sitting in their cars talking. Sometimes their are 3 cars just hanging out in a parking lot.
cb June 01, 2012 at 02:12 AM
talking would be refreshing how abuot parked or hidden between cars fast asleep on the overnight shift at a local firehouse in the first precent,no one at 911 says anything when the gps doesnt move for a couple of hours,but then gps can't be used for discipline according to the union ( se seaford cop at misstress house 62 times)


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