Carpentier Running For East Meadow Fire Commissioner

Glenn Carpentier has been with the East Meadow Fire Department for 30 years.

Editor's Note: East Meadow Patch requested editorials from each of the candidates for fire commissioner.

I am 56-years-old  and a lifelong resident of East Meadow. I attended Newbridge Road Elementary School, Woodland Middle School and East Meadow High School, graduating in 1974.  After graduation I attended Long Island University earning a degree in Criminal Justice.   While studying at C.W. Post I enrolled in an accelerated graduate program and received my Master’s Degree in 1979.

After graduation I worked for the Nassau County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, writing and monitoring federal and state grants. In January 1982 I was sworn into the New York City Police Department and served five years as a police officer, leaving as an investigator with the Public Morals Division of the Organize Crime Control Bureau.  In January 1987 I joined the Nassau County Police Department where I am still employed as a police officer.

As a child growing up in East Meadow I was always involved with our community.  I was a member of the Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.  I then joined the EMFD Junior Fire Company and served as their first captain.  At the age of 18, I joined the East Meadow Fire Department and have remained active for the past 38 years.

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I feel my need to be part of our community was inherited from my father Alfred, who was involved with the Little League and Kiwanis club for more than 30 years.  My father was instrumental in building the baseball fields on Merrick Avenue and it was through him that I started to get involved with the little league where both my sons played as well as being an active member of the Kiwanis Club myself.

As a firefighter I had the pleasure of serving as the secretary to the Board of Fire Commissioners in East Meadow for four years.  In June of 2001, I was appointed as the secretary treasurer of the Lakeview Fire District where I still serve in that capacity.  My responsibilities include the preparation of the budget, payroll, checks, purchasing, grants writing, and any legal matters before the board.

I am an active member of the Nassau County Association of Fire Districts as well as the NYS Association of Fire Districts and have had the opportunity to lobby in Albany as well as Washington D.C. on behalf of Long Island Firefighters.  While doing so, I have seen recruitment and retention as a problem with the fire service in Nassau County. 

With high taxes and real estate being expensive we need to find ways to attract members and keep them.  Different ideas have been examined such as economic housing alternatives, but to date nothing has come through fruition.

My 15 years working on the East Meadow Board as well as the Lakeview Board has equipped me with the knowledge and experience that would benefit the East Meadow Board of Fire Commissioners.  I feel it is imperative that a person elected to the position of commissioner must be willing and able to commit the time and attend all the meetings and functions required of him or her.

If elected commissioner I pledge to commit the time necessary as well as my years of experience to continue to provide our fire department with the best equipment necessary to do their job effectively and safely so no firefighter is hurt.

Bill Alderman December 10, 2012 at 07:40 PM
I heard from a co-worker how Truly Amazing Mr Carpentier was when her childhood home burnt down in East Meadow after the hurricane. She related how Glenn was there from the get go, how his knowledge , quick actions and leadership allowed for damage to be minimized ( helping to spare a few of her childhood heirlooms) once it was realized that all human lives were no longer in danger AND After the fact , by offering important advice , constant support and insights in the recovery and rebuilding process. I have heard multiple stories about how Mr Carpentier places the needs of the residents of East Meadow above his own and what a great role model and seasoned/caring/hands on professional he is.
paul December 11, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Isnt that what they volunteer to do? - quick actions and leadership allowed for damage to be minimized - places the needs of the residents of East Meadow above his own Just saying...
Bill Alderman December 11, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Sorry Paul The East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department is a fire system with 100% volunteer members. Each member is sworn to to a pledge to uphold the provisions of the Town of Hempstead in order to protect their lives and property. They pledge in coordinating the efforts of it's special teams dealing with fire suppression, hazardous materials, public education and the development and enforcement of ordinances and fire codes. They pledge to uphold our responsibilities for fire and life safety. They pledge to provide twenty-four hour a day protection from the devastation of fire. Beyond the immediate crisis, the Fire Department will continue to promote fire safety education to all of our citizens, from adolescent to adult .They pledge to uphold the traditions of the fire service by never sacrificing the safety of it's members. Which what each member does , BUT Glenn Carpentier goes above and beyond.
Andy December 14, 2012 at 06:22 AM
Bill, while you have stated part of the duties of the fire department, you seem to have left out an important part, the EMS unit of the EMFD. They respond to several hundred rescue calls a year, and have both assisted in the care of and saved the lives of many residents of East Meadow- The members of the rescue company are also always on call, and provide medical care to these in need at all hours. This unit of which Scott Farber is a part of, and also a paramedic in (providing the highest available level of pre-hospital care). I am not doubting that Mr. Carpentier goes above and beyond, butI would certainly say that Scott Farber does a remarkable job of going above and beyond, and I'm sure the countless residents he has helped each year during his tenure with the EMS unit will vouch for that.
xi bing January 15, 2013 at 05:14 AM
Hi,Glen! My name is Xi Bing, an old chinese friend of your father Alfred Carpentier.I was production manager of that chinese TV drama series of Beijingers in New York.We worked together very closely then and got along very well. Could you email me Eva's phone number ? xbing3@163.com many thanks!


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