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The end of summer vacation is quickly approaching for our children heading to school. Along with relaxing, playing and staying up late, I hope your children have been reading.

If you answered, “Well, I want to give my child a break”, then check this out -- according to Reading Rockets (funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs), “The research is clear that children who don't read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect.”

Get the entire family together and take a trip to the local library. It’s never too late to start brushing up on your reading skills and it is more fun as a family. Have your children choose books that are of interest to them, as this will make the experience more pleasurable.

For younger children, focus on picture books that you and your child can enjoy reading together. For older children, have them read independently and then discuss the book with you after each chapter they read. Also, be sure to be a good role model for your children by reading when they are around. Choose to read a book or magazine or newspaper -- or simply let them see you reading this article on the Patch.

Parents “R” Talking, Inc. and Kane/Miller Publishing have teamed up to offer a special prize to the person who submits the best story about their all-time favorite children’s book and why. The person who submits the most heartwarming or entertaining story will receive a beautifully illustrated book, "Seasons" by Anne Crausaz, and a 30-minute Phone Support Session with Rebecca, the president of Parents “R” Talking (more than a $65 value).

Rebecca will answer your questions ranging from pregnancy to adolescence, including advice on how to tackle behavioral and educational issues (e.g., sleep training, potty training, discipline issues, talking with your child and getting your child to open up to you).

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to gain some wonderful advice and win a lovely book! Leave your story in the comments section below and we will announce the winner at 2 p.m. next Saturday on the Parents “R” Talking Website. (Click here for official contest rules.)

Colleen August 15, 2011 at 03:29 PM
Growing-up my parents never encouraged my sisters and me to read. In fact a continuing education was something for other families, not ours. I ended up having a very difficult time all through elementary and middle school. It was not until I meet a teacher when I was in ninth grade and that encourage me to try harder (to care about myself). Today I am breaking the cycle in my own family, by reading to my children every day. We love the Lola and Charlie books. I think we have almost all of them.
christina August 15, 2011 at 08:32 PM
My favorite childhood book was Harry The Dirty Dog. I can remember my mother reading it to me as a child and it really brings such joy to me to have that memory. It turns out I still have the same eact book that my mom used to read and now I read it to my children. It's so sweet to do and I hope that my kids look back and have the same fond memories that I do. I love the talks that come out of the books that we read. It's a wonderful and amazing bonding experience. Christina L
Mariah August 16, 2011 at 01:57 AM
I'll never forget staying at my grandmother's house almost every weekend as I grew up. She was a retired elementary school teacher and had a house full of books. I slept in a twin bed next to her bed in her bedroom. I have so many memories of waking up to a dim light, she'd be inher bed with her reading glasses enjoying a book and I'd peek up and see a "5" on the clock. I'd roll over knowing 5 am was way too early for me...especially as I grew older, and would drift back off to sleep. Later, I'd wake up and grab a book to read with her. As I got older, and able to read on my own, I'd always go back to the same book in her bookshelf; Rascal. I remember enjoying it over and over again and feeling such pride that I could read a full-length hard-cover book on my own. I still own that book to this day and will always think of the impact her love of reading had on me. Now that I have my own childen we snuggle up to read whenever they ask me to, but always just before bedtime. It's wonderful to see how excited they get about 'reading' books.
Mari August 19, 2011 at 02:07 AM
Growing up I learned how to read in school. I am grateful for having the opportunity to give my children the time and attention when it comes to learning how to read. I am very proud of my child who is reading and is so happy that he is reading that he reads to the family.
Rebecca Kammerer August 20, 2011 at 07:14 PM
Congratulations to the Winner of the Parents "R" Talking, Inc. contest on Patch: "Put a Book in Your Child’s Hands" Click below to see who it is: http://www.parentsrtalking.com/index.html


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