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'Tried and True' Parenting Tips

Helpful suggestions that may make life a bit easier for Mom and Dad.

Some of the best advice we received about parenting came from other parents. This week, we are sharing some of our “tried and true” parenting tips.


  • When your infant’s finger nails get a bit long and they begin to scratch themselves, gently bite the nails down. No need for the nail clippers just yet as they tend to leave sharp edges. This goes for the toe nails too.
  • One of my favorites (that saved my sanity) was to double (or triple) sheet a crib. When there was a leaky diaper or my little one spit-up, I could just take off the top sheet (along with the water proof sheet/pad under it) and, like magic, there was another fresh sheet below. No more wrestling with the mattress at 2 o’clock in the morning.
  • If your toddler starts taking off her diaper when she shouldn’t, use duct tape over the diaper fasteners (or around the entire diaper if your child is determined, being sure to leave it loose enough around the waist for comfort). Also, make sure the tape does not touch the child’s skin.
  • When your child is around 5 to 6 months old, start using a few basic hand signs to teach your baby to communicate. Begin with the words: eat, more, drink, finished, sleep, help, Mommy, Daddy and baby. Each time you say any of these words, simply perform the sign for it. If you do this consistently, your child will be able to communicate even before they can speak. See an American Sign Language website to learn how to perform these signs and for more information.


  • Bathe baby in kitchen sink, then when she is able to sit up comfortably on her own, move bath to bathtub with a laundry basket as support.
  • Boil water in the morning, cool for about 20 minutes, pour in bottles on kitchen counter (8 bottles, or enough for the day) than cap with nipple and top. Just before each feeding add powdered formula, shake bottle and serve at room temperature.
  • While sleep training, Mom will sleep with the swaddle the night before. Then the next night/nap you will use it to swaddle the baby. This comforts the baby with your scent and makes the transition easier for the baby.

Mariah Dubin, one of our readers, writes, “Get your toddlers involved in everyday tasks as you supervise. I have folded laundry around my twin girls since birth and began involving them in other tasks by the time they were 18 months. My girls are very curious and always want to 'help.' 

"At first I had to hand-hold them through these tasks and only let them touch some non-breakable items, but after a while they learned to do things on their own (e.g., how to hand me items from my dishwasher). These experiences helped them learn about different objects/textures/shapes/colors and gave them pride in helping Mommy. Now, when they get dressed in the morning and after bath at night, they put their clothes in the hamper and throw away their own diapers (when asked). I'm a firm believer in letting them try things when they are curious so they continue to explore their world, this includes small tasks such as wanting to put their own grated cheese on their pasta (they are two-and-a-half and know when to stop on their own). Empowerment is wonderful!”

As I’m (Rebecca) writing this article, my husband is in the background saying, “Routines, routines, routines (or schedules, schedules, schedules)… cannot be stressed enough.”

If you have questions about this topic or any other, contact us at: parentsense@theparentsense.com or visit www.theparentsense.com.

(Editor's Note: The opinions in this article are those of Parent Sense, Inc. The opinions are not medical advice. Always consult your pediatrician about any changes you are contemplating.)


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