Letter to the Editor: Appalled Regarding Sonic

One resident doesn't understand why some locals object to the idea of the new business.

Dear Editor,

I have been following the events leading up to the BZA hearing about Sonic.

Opinions have been stretched to the imagination as to why this business should not be given a green light.

I am appalled pictures of garbage on a street at the North Babylon Sonic were presented as some sort of disapproval or would increase jaywalking across the street from the park.

I am appalled to have heard at the BZA hearing a person(s) stated they were not aware of an information packet about Sonic when in fact they handed out that same booklet at a civic association meeting, and was also viewed electronically at another meeting at or that the traffic study may be one sided and flawed.

I am appalled that the owner of two night clubs complained that the footprint of Sonic would take up to many parking spaces or his misconception on the size of the parking areas.

I am appalled people have said that Hempstead Turnpike can not handle any additional traffic or be unable to make a left turn from a side exit.
I am appalled there was no outrage about an additional tattoo shop and Cash for Gold locations opening in East Meadow or offended that they were told Hempstead Turnpike was designed for traffic.

I am appalled that people think it is their business that the owner of the property wants to lease an area of this gigantic parking lot or would be a hangout before it is built.

I am appalled some think this is their business as to who the owner of the property leases to or that the owner who is willing to invest in the community has to fight for that right before he even has a chance.

The list can go on.

Some residents chose to have East Meadow Plaza remain a blight in the community. I hope that the owner does get the variances approved and then off to the next step.

I am appalled that there will be some angered by this response.
Think about how you may have destroyed the chance of a major franchise to invest in the community. Commercial real estate agents may not make the plaza a priority for any tenant.

Sonic would be a springboard for other businesses to call East Meadow their home.

This letter was written and submitted by East Meadow resident Paul Daniel.

jeff June 29, 2012 at 04:52 PM
I am tired of looking at fat and obese people. Enough of high calories. Whole foods is great. Helps with good nutrition and median the carries from overusing the insurance industry and state funds for nedicaid.
Frank T June 29, 2012 at 06:03 PM
To Jeff, Move to North Korea, they have a chubby dictator that keeps his people nice and thin. No obese people for you to look at except for the dictator.
Jenn June 29, 2012 at 07:44 PM
They need to add a "like" button to these threads!
paul June 29, 2012 at 08:37 PM
To Jeff: first - don't look... second - Whole Foods helps with good nutrition.????? Nonsense anyone can buy sensible food to eat ANYWHERE if they choose to.... third - I bet everything you buy says Organic, right?? and if so that means what? That's what I thought. I have asked shoppers who purchase an item just because it says organic and I get the same answer, its organic... duh. But why...... Again the genesis's do not know. OK enough on that...
jeff June 29, 2012 at 10:53 PM
For most people being fat is their fault. Not everyone but most. Either they have issues they need to work on or they are not too smart.


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