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May the Force Be With You

You are always where you were meant to be.. in or out of harm's way.

With keys in hand, I run towards the door. The phone rings. "Oh, brother. Should I answer it? I can always say that I was out the door. But, what if it's important? What if it's one of the kids needing a ride home?" In those few seconds, between the first and second ring, those thoughts fly through my mind. I decide, to answer the phone. 'Can you believe this? It's a telemarketer!' In my kindest voice, I say, "Sorry, not interested." I hang up and head for the door.

How long do you think I was delayed by that interruption? A minute, perhaps.  Bothered, that I had returned to answer the phone, I leave, hastily, and in no time, am in my car and pulling out of the driveway. But what's this? My neighbor is waving me to stop. 'I wonder what's wrong?' I slow down and stop by his driveway. "Hi, Jerry! You need me?"

"No dear, I was just waving hello. How are you this beautiful afternoon?" At this point, I want to choke the guy.

"Just fine, Jerry. But I am on my way to an appointment. Can't talk. See you, later, OK?" I speak quickly and the man is not so sure he heard me correctly, thus asking me to repeat what I had just said. 'This is truly unbelievable,' I think. I repeat my short sentences s-l-o-w-l-y, and then step on the accelerator; I take off.

From down the street, I see that the light is green for me. I don't slow down, but as I get closer.. darn it!!!! It turns red!! 'This is not my lucky day, I realize. How long is that light staying red?' It had to have been the longest light ever! I am annoyed with what has befallen me. I make my left and squint because of the flashing red lights. Straight ahead of me, on Hempstead Turnpike, is what appears to have been a very bad accident. Driving slowly, all cars are merging to the right hand lane, and directed to make a right turn. I try to see what has happened, but all I can see are three cars, smashed and crushed, the fire department and two ambulances. Police officers are directing traffic.

I say a quick prayer aloud, "I hope no one has died." As I make the right turn, heading away from the scene of the accident, a crazy thought pops into my head. 'Oh, my, that could have been me...if I had not answered the phone.. if I had not spoken to my neighbor.. if the light was green.'   Did fate have something to do with this?  Freak out.           

When circumstances make you late, or take you to your destination, via an alternate route...remember that maybe, you are being guided and protected by a higher force. As for me, I always go back to answer the phone, and I stop to talk to Jerry, if I see him waving! Peace.

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