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Dance Like No One's Watching

Weddings celebrations are memorable when I have a great time. Dancing is an integral part of my having fun; no matter my age!

We had finished our main course. Like every other wedding, we had been to before, we all agreed that we had eaten too much during the Cocktail Hour. The band was resuming; they were spectacular. "Oh, honey, listen. They're playing our song!"  I said excitedly.

"What song would that be?"he replied. 

"Celebration!" I shouted above the music.

In a dry tone, he adds, "That was our song thirty years ago. It's theirs, now."

"Huh? What's your point? Come on! Let's dance." I said, now standing and beginning to bop.


"Please?" (puppy dog face)

"No." So, having no other choice, I grabbed my son-in-law's hand, and whispered in his ear..with a commanding voice, 'Let's dance.'

You are never too old to dance! Dancing makes you forget the pains and aches! Dancing makes you forget the passage of time! Dancing gets your heart pumping and your limbs moving! How can you pass up the chance to dance to one of your favorite songs? I can't. Plus..what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! LOL

My husband and I danced, that night, to every 'slow song.' You know the ones; Johnny Mathis, Luther Vandros. We could have been standing there, (so many couples on the dance floor) and no one would have realized that we were not dancing. Slow dancing did NOT burn off the Filet Mignon calories that we had ingested..but 'fast' dancing did!  

Why do certain people believe that they have reached the age of 'acting in a mature way'? When does that age come? Is it when you turn 40? 50? or 60? When is that cut-off for NO LONGER getting giddy on the dance floor?! As a child, I remember, watching my two elderly aunts dancing together. I made fun of them with my cousin Mary. (I regret having done that..I loved them deeply) "That will never be us!" I proclaimed. I mean, who would EVER dance with another female?! As I got older, I realized why women danced together..because their lazy-ass (oops! is it ok to use that word in my blog?) husbands did not want to dance! Instead of begging and being rejected, and instead of sitting it out, while enviously watching others, they danced together! I miss my aunts but that lesson remains with me. If he doesn't want to dance, find another partner that is willing to [dance].

I am guilty of dancing solo. (Who would have guessed?! LOL) When a great song is selected, and I have no time to find another partner, I just join the crowd! I push myself into that circle! Fun wedding/party tunes (like YMCA) don't even require a partner! Weddings are celebrations of life and love! Get out there, and dance! Forget your age! The next day, you can soak your feet and take some Bayer, like I do!    Peace.  

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