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Union Members Protest Outside NUMC

CSEA says NUMC management has made “multitude of disrespectful actions against” union members.

About 40 Civil Service Employees Association Local 830 members and supporters rallied outside Monday, according to Newsday.

The Newsday report states:

Union leaders charged that management of the public hospital based in East Meadow is trying create a partnership with the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, a private entity headquartered in Manhasset that union officials say already controls half of the hospitals in Nassau.

Union President Jerry Laricchiuta told Newsday, “North Shore is a great hospital, but it’s private and not public. NUMC is the people’s hospital, but it’s rife with political patronage. There have been 300 layoffs while rewarding already highly paid management."

A spokesperson for NUMC declined to comment on the charges.

Strug Lynn June 12, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Last stop for Nassau County Political Patrons! Maybe someone needs to take a peek and see who is on the Board of Directors, and why, and who put them there. Work here for five years, and retire with medical benefits and a small pension. Work here for five years with a ridiculously inflated salary, and retire with medical benefits and a not so small pension. Nice work if you can get it. Nicer if qualified people who went honestly through the Civil Service system got those jobs at a fair salary and then maybe the little guys would not have to be laid off.
Joemodeler June 13, 2012 at 12:09 PM
"Union President Jerry Laricchiuta told Newsday, 'North Shore is a great hospital, but it’s private and not public. NUMC is the people’s hospital, but it’s rife with political patronage. There have been 300 layoffs while rewarding already highly paid management.'" Patronage ? Well then if it is the people's hospital then let's fire all of the high paying union members and replace them with people who want the jobs for salaries that taxpayers consider reasonable with no union representation. Democrats new group to unionize. Healthcare workers. Obamacare will create huge healthcare organizations that will become unionized overtime. Including doctors. Is this what we want in this country ?
Strug Lynn June 13, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Joemodeler, it's not the Union people with the high paying jobs, it's the Administration with the high paying jobs, and they are not union. Like the politition/lawyer Ciotti who got voted out of office by the taxpayers in November and got hired here, unqualified for almost ten times his previous salary the same month 100's of people were laid off. Why not try getting some facts first? Or would that be too much work?
Joemodeler June 14, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Okay. Not high paying jobs then salaries and hourly wages that qualify for the jobs that these union members perform. You sound like you are a CSEA Local 830 union official/member or employee with very creative words. I am just a Nassau resident who would love to see the entire entity go private. Going private gets rid of the nagging unions that want the federal government to take over healthcare and the politicians involved with my money. In this situation I have no beef in the matter but a little research on the Internet [the power of it has been created with the Arab Spring. I will add probably the Tea Party movement] and you can find a lot. Here is what I found: "According to Lotenberg (spokesperson for NUMC), nearly 175 NUMC employees were laid off in November, and the hospital is facing a $50 million budget gap next year due to an increase in pension expenses and operating costs" Also Ciotti was "voted unanimously [by the board of directors of NuHealth who run NUMC] to appoint Ciotti to the position on Dec. 13."
Joemodeler June 14, 2012 at 12:38 PM
cont'd "[Lotenberg] added that the board considered Ciotti’s expertise — including 33 years of legal experience — when deciding on an appropriate salary. “His wealth of knowledge into the workings of the Nassau Health Care Corporation [which is NUMC], gained from his 16 years as the chairman of the Finance Committee and deputy presiding officer uniquely qualifies him for the role of general counsel, which is charged with managing the critical public health system for the people of Nassau County,” It appears that board of directors are appointed by both the NYS Govenor and the Nassau County County Executive for four years. No Republican Govenor for more than four years and Mangano came into office on January 1, 2010. 2/12 years. Ciotti was "unanimously" voted in. There are 16 board of directors. Take my cites and search on the Internet and you will find where I obtained this information. I would post but that would not be fair to this paper. Here is a NorthShore LIJ's news release: http://www.northshorelij.com/NSLIJ/csea-nuhealth-feud-heats-up


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