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Residents Discuss Parking Concerns at NUMC

Arthur Gianelli updated neighbors about the present parking situation at Nassau University Medical Center.

East Meadow residents are still concerned with (NUMC) employees parking their cars on residential streets.

Since the parking garage in NUMC was shut down, there is not enough room at the hospital for employees to park their vehicles. But, according to Shelley Lotenberg, the spokesperson for NUMC, there have been new developments.

  1. Parking stickers were issued to employees.
  2. Several global e-mails were sent to employees that stress the importance and the desirability of employees parking on campus and being good corporate neighbors.
  3. A map of the campus and the various parking fields was distributed to those in attendance and the buildings that will be demolished and areas that will be paved over were highlighted, with an additional 230 spots being created.
  4. Trees were planted around the perimeter so as to shield the stackers.
  5. A system was implemented for employees to call the valet service ahead of time so that their car is available at the time that they wish.

There were a number of questions from local residents. Many dealt with the need for enforcement of the existing parking regulations and constant ticketing by the NCPD and those in attendance requested that Legis. Norma Gonsalves, R-East Meadow, Councilman Gary Hudes and Gianelli request a meeting with the First Precinct inspector and that a follow-up meeting with the immediate neighbors be set up in about a month.

Others suggested that hospital officials look into the possibility of using the parking lot in off season and jitney employees and construction workers to NUMC, and others suggested that they also look into the possibility of obtaining a parking field by the jail and run shuttles to NUMC.

gary V October 06, 2011 at 11:22 PM
Tear down the old garage and replace with a prefab new garage. If they had done that to begin with they would be half finished
KURTZ N October 07, 2011 at 09:48 AM
i called the nassau security office FOUR TIMES concerning employees who are still parking on residential areas. their answer? oh, you call the precint if they are blocking your driveway! that's BS! the employees are not supposed to park on residential areas, that's the point! one residence has 3 or 4 cars and when we get home from our night shift, we dont have anymore parking spaces!!!! one more thing, these nassau employees are VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRY RUDE!!! they think they own that residence area! hello? and the security officers? they don't do anything! they should be checking those nassau-employee cars that are parked around the neighborhood. huh, they said they parked legally? i say they don't have the RIGHT to park anywhere especially when they are, i repeat, NASSAU EMPLOYEES!!! NASSAU MEDICAL CENTER have their OWN parking lots!!!
jj October 10, 2011 at 04:49 PM
Is it really that Bad? Go to Zucker-hillside that is bad. I'm right off Carman ave, Nottinghill, they come and go for the most part.
Brent M. October 13, 2013 at 10:51 PM
Two blocks are affected by this situation on the west side of carman ave, Nottingham and Dofena.. and now the rest of us have to suffer with theses stupid parking permits... regardless either way the TOH will do whatever they want.. people are crying bc they say $3 for a permit? guess what, u don't want to pay ok fine.. the town will just throw a surcharge in our taxes somehow..


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