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Potter's Pub Honored by Nassau OTB

One of several FastTrack locations that provide an automated betting system for horse racing.

At an event early last week, officials from Nassau OTB awarded a bonus check to East Meadow’s  

Joined by Assemblyman Tom McKevitt, OTB officials presented Mike Amatrura, owner of Potter's Pub, with a bonus check in the amount of $2,500.  The total amount OTB’s patrons wagered increased an astounding 9 percent for 2011 despite the challenging economic climate. 

 “Nassau OTB has given in excess of $390 million to Nassau County since its inception,” said Joseph Cairo, President of Nassau OTB. “Since Nassau OTB is now servicing more patrons at a higher rate than it ever has, all of this allows for a greater amount of money to be generated for Nassau County so that it can continue to flourish and govern to the best of its ability.”

Potters Pub is one of several FastTrack locations awarded bonus checks this year because of the outstanding increase it have seen. FastTrack is an automated betting system that lets fans enjoy the sport of horse racing without leaving the comfort of their local pub. 

Peg February 11, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Isn't it great how Nassau County not only permits their citizens to gamble on horse races and lotto games, but now enables (encourages) them to consume alcohol while doing so? They even have ATMs conveniently located right next to their mechanical bandits so the drunks can easily blow their mortgage payments and grocery money chasing the dream! It's shameful and should be criminal to provide such services in any establishment that serves mind-altering substances, but because the government gets a hefty cut, it's perfectly legal. The hypocrites who allow this absolutely disgust me.
Brent M. February 12, 2012 at 12:50 PM
I disagree.. nobody forces these people to go in there.. if people choose to walk in and bet LEGALLY on horses so be it.. people bet on lotto and that is available in more places then horses are.. I see more ENCOURAGEMENT from Atlantic City commercials i do OTB commercials... what responsible people do with their hard earned money is their buisness... not everyone who goes to bet is a drunk either.. not everyone who goes to the Aqueduct Racino has a gambling problem..


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