NUMC Unveils Fully Renovated Amphitheater

NUMC cuts the ribbon on their fully renovated amphitheater with the latest technology.

cut the ribbon on its fully renovated amphitheater this Tuesday. The new amphitheater incorporates beautiful design along with the practical needs of a university, unveiling the latest in technology and modern teaching tools.

“Let us open up the doors,” said Dr. Steven Walerstein, executive vice president for medical affairs and medical director, after cutting the ribbon to the amphitheater with Arthur Gianelli, president and CEO of NuHealth System.

The total renovation, which included the replacement of seats, wall coverings and carpets, took about six months, for a total of $800,000.

“This is a result of a partnership established seven years ago with the American University of the Caribbean,” said Gianelli.

The renovation to the amphitheater, in addition to other prospective renovations, was thanks to the 10-year, $19-million relationship forged between NUMC and the American University of the Caribbean (AUC).

“The amphitheater is the linchpin of the renovation effort,” said Gianelli , addressing the audience prior to the first lecture in the new amphitheater.

“We have 142 seats with integrated power supplies. So, if any of you need to charge anything up, there should be a plug right at your side,” said Dr. Walerstein.

Additionally, the new amphitheater features a high definition projector and video display, zoned lighting, a touch panel control pad, a lectern-based Smartboard and full audio with four wireless microphones. There is also capability for video teleconferencing so lectures and presentations can be made available online. An interactive response system was also installed, allowing the presenter to ask questions and receive electronic answers back from the audience within seconds.

Dr. Walerstein, who was responsible for creating the relationship with AUC, gave the first lecture in the new amphitheater following the ribbon cutting. The presentation, “NuHealth: 2011 and Beyond: The Perspective of the Medical Director,” addressed physicians, residents and medical students about the future of NUMC.

In the lecture Dr. Walerstein addressed clinical integration with North Shore LIJ, as well as relationships with other medical universities and other proposed modernizations to the NUMC campuses.

The funds provided from the AUC will allocate NUMC $1.2 million to renovate the library and $2 million to create a simulation lab that will help further standardize the hospital’s practices, such as hand washing and patient interactions.

“We wanted to do things in a classy and professional way that will last a long time,” said Gianelli. “It’ll be here not just for our current use, but for future generations. The reality is this is where people are going to be taught for the next 10 to 20 years.”

Special thanks were given to Dr. Kay Lane, Tom Gardner, Mike Ade and The Learning Resources Subcommittee.


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