NUMC Officials Continue to Address Residents' Parking Concerns

Locals have claimed that employees frequently park on nearby residential streets.

(NUMC) parking conditions continue to progress.

Arthur Gianelli, the president and CEO of NuHealth, recently held a meeting at NUMC to inform residents on developments pertaining to parking availability on the hospital's campus.

An additional 380 spots have been created as a result of tearing down several old buildings and paving over some grassy area near the old ramp garage, according to Shelley Lotenberg, the director of public affairs at NUMC.

"Most of these spots are available or will be in the next week or so for use by our employees or visitors," Lotenberg said. "It is expected that the availability of these spots will further encourage our employees to park within the campus as we aim to continue being a good corporate neighbor, sensitive to the concerns of our community."

Residents have voiced concerns about NUMC employees parking on residential streets ever since the hospital decided to move forward with to install stackers, although officials said they addressed the issue. In October of 2011, were worked on, the hospital addressed workers in the following manner:

  1. Parking stickers were issued to employees.
  2. Several global e-mails were sent to employees that stress the importance and the desirability of employees parking on campus and being good corporate neighbors.
  3. A map of the campus and the various parking fields was distributed to those in attendance and the buildings that will be demolished and areas that will be paved over were highlighted, with an additional 230 spots being created.
  4. Trees were planted around the perimeter so as to shield the stackers.
  5. A system was implemented for employees to call the valet service ahead of time so that their car is available at the time that they wish.

Do you think the parking conditions have improved in and around Nassau University Medical Center? Tell us in the comments.

Stephen Gismondi Sr. March 10, 2012 at 03:54 PM
On the street where the VETERANS Clinic is located at( NUMC) there are HANDICAP signs on one side off the street and should only be USED BY VETERANS ONLY during clinic hours. .Is there a way that this can be enforced. ?? Steve
Strug Lynn March 10, 2012 at 06:16 PM
No rules get enforced at NUMC. Parking, smoking, civil service. Rules are made to be broken there.


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