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Father's Day Gift Guide

Stray outside the norm to find a special, personal and perfect gift for your Dad.

Going on a mental tour of this century’s Father’s Days will most certainly include a journey past neckties, money clips and wallets a-plenty.

Unless Dad chronically burns a literal hole in his wallet, try branching out the present possibilities this year. There are plenty of opportunities to do that in East Meadow.

Food and Drink

Edible gifts don’t get thrown away, lost or stuffed into a drawer never to be seen again. They’re also excellent for financially strapped daughters and sons, because they can be made at home. You know your father best, so bake cookies for the guy with a sweet tooth or prepare a steak dinner on the grill so that Dad doesn’t have to shell out money for his own dinner.

For cookies, check out or , and for steak, head over to or

If he’s a wine or beer aficionado, set up a personal wine or beer tasting in the backyard. Head to the liquor store or beer distributor and pick up a few blends that he’s never tried before. Use small glasses to serve the different tastes with an array of complementary cheeses, meats or good ole-fashioned barbecue grub.

For beer and wine, check out , , or .


Ask Mom what he actually needs in his wardrobe this year. Perhaps he has his boss’ daughter’s wedding coming up, but his suit is looking a bit short and shabby. Pitch in with your siblings to purchase him a new suit or buy him a gift certificate to a local store that sells suits.

In East Meadow, try for suit essentials.

If Dad plays tennis, softball, golf or any other sport during the summer, purchase him a new piece of equipment such as a tennis racket or softball bat. To make the gift more personal, look into having the item engraved with a special message.

For sports equipment, check out , or .


Buying tickets to an event for Dad is another option that might have seen its fair share of usage in the past few years. However, try dressing it up a little bit to show that you put in some more effort.

Instead of going to nosebleed seats at an upcoming Yankee game, splurge on middle-level seats with your siblings or add a Yankee Stadium tour and a trip to the Yankees Museum to the day.

Dad not a sports fan and can't stand the ringing in his ear after a musical event? That's no problem. Avoid sports and concerts all together by checking out one of the island’s wine or beer tours.


Daddy’s little girls everywhere want to make sure they express the sentiment that they will forever remain Daddy’s little girl.

Personalize any item that your Dad has use for, whether it is a new beer mug, a picture frame for a special photograph of the two of you or a pocket watch. Don’t just go with the traditional suggested messages, though. Add a message that has meaning for the two of you, such as an inside joke that you’ve shared since you were little or a poem that you wrote.

For art supplies to make these precious treasures, check out or .


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