East Meadow Blockbuster Set To Close Its Doors

April 10 will be the last day of operations for the former video super-giant.

, which had served as the staple in the video-renting business until the arrival of Netflix and Redbox, is closing its East Meadow location, as well as many others.

After filing for bankruptcy in September 2010, the company announced Feb. 21 that it had initiated a process to sell the company. Not long after, signs announcing the store's impending April 10 closure appeared on the East Meadow location.

"Everything has got to go," one employee, who requested anonymity, said. "Our last day of operations is going to be April 10."

The inside of the store is depleted, with a sign reading "no rentals" greeting customers as they walk in. Several deals are being offered to get rid of inventory, including 30 percent off video games, $5.99 DVDs and discount posters.

"Blockbuster was great while it lasted," Peter Cipriano, president of , said. "But as is the case, a giant has to move as quickly as the newest competitors on the market. Watch...movie theatres are next, and so am I if I don't change with the times."

Blockbuster, which launched kiosks and by-mail service in the past several years apparently in response to threats from businesses such as Netflix and Redbox, said in a statement on its web site that expects a majority of its U.S. stores, kiosks, by-mail and digital business to remain operational during the process.

"We can't control the closing of these stores," Susan Weiss, an East Meadow resident, said. "The shame is that another storefront in East Meadow (and a large one at that) will be empty. Empty stores are not good for the neighborhood."

Decisions about the closing of stores are being made on a case-by-case basis as part of the recapitalization process.

After being contacted via email about the East Meadow location's closing, Blockbuster's corporate office responded by saying, "We don’t comment on specific store closings."

A list of things to know, according to Blockbuster.com:

  • Blockbuster is open for business during the sale process.
  • Its stores, DVD vending kiosks, by-mail subscription service and online and digital businesses are serving customers as usual during the sale process.
  • It is fulfilling all orders as usual, including continuing to provide access to new releases the first day they become available.
  • The Blockbuster Rewards program remains in effect and participating customers will continue to accrue benefits and rewards as always.
  • It is honoring valid coupons as usual.


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