Duo Opens New Tattoo Shop in East Meadow

House of Addixion Tattoo Company moves into storefront next to Funtazia on Hempstead Turnpike.

Two friends brought a new tattoo shop, with a comfortable and relaxed vibe, to East Meadow.

House of Addixion Tattoo Company, located at 2560 Hempstead Tpke. next to Funtazia, officially opened on Friday, much to the satisfaction of the owners – two friends who have known each other since they were teenagers.

Owners Tom Giglio, of Franklin Square, and Jacqueline Nicolosi, of Bellmore, — both 34 years old — teamed up to create the shop after realizing their shared passion for tattoos. Giglio explained that he was living in Miami for four years, hanging out at his friend’s tattoo shop, when he recognized how much he loved the art. When he moved back to New York, he knew he wanted to be able to open up his own place.

“[Tom] is my best friend and I knew he needed a partner,” Nicolosi said. “It just kind of happened at a really good time."

Giglio said that he also saw that many local tattoo parlors didn’t feel extremely welcoming or friendly. Though neither he nor Nicolosi are tattoo artists, they decided that they would start their own business that would have a sociable atmosphere for customers.

“I just wanted to open this place to basically have my own place and have everyone feel welcome, have really good artists and quality work,” he added. “I just want it to be a place where you feel when you walk in that you are comfortable from the beginning. It’s somewhere you want to get tattooed.”

Nicolosi said that they wanted the shop to have a really nice atmosphere, but at the same time be laid back and comfortable. She added that she wanted to be her own boss and she wanted to “have something to show."

“She had a full-time job and she wanted to do something more than that,” said Giglio, who himself formerly worked in the mortgage industry, in regards to Nicolosi. “She didn’t love it. She wanted to do something more than that. We both want to do something that we love and have a passion and liking for.”

The duo started searching for a location about a year and a half ago. The space that House of Addixion Tattoo Company now occupies was formerly part of Funtazia, which sits next door to the shop. Giglio explained that he was always at the location and is friends with Funtazia's owner. He proposed the idea of taking over the second space to focus on tattoos to the owner, who agreed.

“It just seemed like a good place,” he added.

The shop features four stations, one private room, and another room for piercing. Giglio said that they have five artists, who he found through referrals, word of mouth, and Craigslist.

“It all worked, everyone seemed to click right from the beginning,” he said, adding that his goal is to eventually open five shops, with “one in every county, at least."

Are you going to visit the new tattoo parlor? Tell us in the comments.

paul February 22, 2012 at 07:44 PM
To Frank: Yes your analogies of the types of businesses are accurate. Once again Bill" makes no sense and only wants to be heard... He defies all logic.... Trying to explain any logic to Bill would be a moot point. As Chuck stated that would be like trying to make sense from the senseless...
paul February 22, 2012 at 08:52 PM
To Bill: As far as the Sonic issues???? You seem to have created neighborhood fury for no reason other than your own personal vindictiveness. Well not the entire neighborhood just the ones that follow you to drink the kool aid. Glad your line is short...... Very short... Keep dreaming, I mean drinking.....
Susan February 23, 2012 at 03:12 AM
I can't believe that some people would rather have more tattoo parlors and "We Buy Gold" stores than a FAMILY oriented restaurant like Sonic in the neighborhood. What are you people thinking? I'm tired of hearing about traffic since those of us who live here can certainly take a different route and avoid that area on Hempstead Tpke if need be. The thrill will die down with Sonic too and it won't be an issue. And the potential garbage problem I keep reading about can be handled by the Sonic management or they'd be fined if they don't. Tattoos and pawn shops don't seem very family/community oriented, do they? I think all those gold buying places cheapen the neighborhood. Hempstead Tpke was built for commerce so why not Sonic? The parking lot and shopping center are huge. No one lives directly across the street or even around the corner. Plus I didn't hear anyone carrying on when Burger King and Wendy's were built! We have TWO BK's on Hemps. Tpke, both in EM. Did we REALLY need 2? But yet, no one complained. I wish these people a lot of luck with their new business but do we really need a tattoo parlor on every block?. Bill's comparison to the nail places is truly ridiculous. Many more people get their nails done then would EVER get a tattoo. And to compare a tattoo parlor to the medical needs of a physical therapy office or a chiropractor?? Sorry Bill but that's just plain stupid. Physical therapy is a medical necessity! No one can say that about a tattoo!
Chuck February 27, 2012 at 03:08 AM
I work nights but am curious what this meeting is about and who is sponsoring it? see below: As far as what the issue with Sonic is, may I suggest you come to the meeting at EM High School on Wed 2/29 at 7pm.
mark Shapiro August 23, 2012 at 10:25 PM
The work depicted on their Facebook page is not very good. If you compare it to the work depicted on the websites of the many other local tattoo parlors, you will see there is a vast difference in quality. I am bothered by the fact that neither of the two owners are tattoo artists. In fact, their Facebook page does not even indicate that they are even tattooed. I hope they are not simply trying to exploit a trend.


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