Craigslist Finds in East Meadow

A variety of sales are available for East Meadow residents.

Have you ever bought or sold something on Craigslist?

Make that, have you seen what people are selling lately?

Many East Meadow residents are using the popular site to get some cash for their unwanted, or um, obsolete items. Here are some of the most interesting finds in East Meadow:

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own pub? Well, one seller is giving you the chance. This pub comes fully equipped with a small kitchen for bar food, a six-burner stove, deep fryer and grill. The establishment also has a full basement with a walk-in box. It could all be yours for just $80,000.

Are you an art collector that is looking for the perfect piece to put in your living room? One seller is offering to sell a framed landscape print for what is described as "well below market value." According to the seller, the frame alone is worth $200, but for just $115, you can have the photo as well. The large, thick wood frame around the painting is highlighted with gold which makes it "pop" on any wall, the seller says.

If candlesticks are a need in your home, another East Meadow listing has your name written all over it. One seller is selling two composite candlesticks for just $20. The candlesticks feel like metal, the seller says, but their "octagonal bases give these a very architectural and dramatic look."

Looking for some heavy duty barrels? Well, one East Meadow seller's got you covered. These 55-gallon plastic barrels are good for holding rain water, drainage and dry wells. Best of all, you have your choice of blue or white for just $25.

Interesting Post of the Week: Are you an Elvis fanatic? Do you like soda? How about putting both passions into one purchase? One East Meadow seller is selling Elvis commemorative Pepsi bottles. For just $10, you can get all seven. Described as being in excellent condition, the seller says the bottles were designed for "Elvis' Birthday Celebration in 1999."


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