Business Q&A: East Meadow Florist

This flower shop is a go-to for many in the local community because of their personal and friendly service.

East Meadow Florist, a staple in the East Meadow community, has been providing high quality service, flowers and arrangements to residents near and far since 1961. Owner Chris Hackert started at the shop as a teenager, and eventually bought the business in 1996.

Hackert took time out to tell Patch about his business, its history and some tips on buying beautiful flowers. Check it all out below:

Tell us how East Meadow Florist got started.

East Meadow florist opened its doors in March of 1961. We are on the third generation of owners. We just celebrated our 50th year in business. I have been the owner since 1996. My brother and I worked with the family that owned it previously. The owner passed it onto his son. His son retired in 1996 and I bought it.

How did you get into this business?

I started a when I was 15 or 16 years old. I just learned everything on the job. Is started sweeping floors. I learned everything from that, including making deliveries and arrangements.

What makes East Meadow a great place to own a business?

I think because of the community – it is very close. We have great organizations here – the East Meadow Kiwanis, the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce. The school district is great. Most of the community people that get involved in the organizations and schools are willing to give back to the businesses that also gets involved.

What special services does East Meadow Florist offer?

We do flowers, plants, balloons, stuffed animals, fruit and gourmet baskets. Of course we provide delivery – both local and worldwide delivery. We also do weddings, funerals and parties. We like to say that we do everything that the large online florists do, but we do it with better personal service.

What is your most popular arrangement of flowers?

The roses are the most popular. After that it is mixed arrangements. We bring in flowers from all over the world.

Why do customers keep coming back?

For the personal service and the fact that they know that we give back to the community. I’ve served as the past president of the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Club. A lot of people know you personally and they like to use someone they know. They know they can get quick service.

What is your favorite part about owning the business?

It is the community – the people, getting to know everybody. I also get to display my creativity with the arrangements.

What advice do you have to those looking to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Well if you are going to have it delivered the best bet is to always shop at a local florist – if it is not from me, another local florist would be best.


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