National Taxpayers Union Gives McCarthy an “F” Year After Year

Non-Partisan, Independent Organization Ranking further Proof fixing National Economy is over McCarthy’s head; 16-Year Incumbent rated a “Big Spender”

Orginally Released: July 24, 2012

Non-Partisan, Independent Organization Ranking further Proof fixing National Economy is over McCarthy’s head; 16-Year Incumbent rated a “Big Spender” in “Most Accurate Guide Available on Congressional Fiscal Performance”

A day after Legislator Fran Becker (R-Lynbrook) released his Middle Class Jobs Plan in front of 16-year Washington incumbent Carolyn McCarthy’s meagerly attended “Long Island Jobs Fair,” the Republican candidate for Congress revealed a startling report by the National Taxpayers Union: for the past eight years, the 16-year Democrat incumbent was awarded an “F” – a failing grade – by the non-partisan, independent National Taxpayers Union (NTU), including for the 1st Session of the current 112th Congress.

From 2003 to 2011, McCarthy received an “F” from the NTU.  This less-than-stellar ranking for McCarthy comes after a deficient 2011 National Journal Economic Rating of 34%. 

“While American businesses and local commerce are hurting – and as too many of our neighbors and young professionals are searching for work – Carolyn McCarthy continues to fail us.  We need real, workable solutions to fix our economy, not more of the same hands-off attitude and lack of concern,” said Legislator Fran Becker.  “My opponent is clueless on how to create jobs and grow our economy.  She’s failed to explain how raising taxes on small businesses – which she’s voted time and again to support, most recently with her two votes in favor of ObamaCare – will create jobs or spur economic growth.”   

“My Middle Class Jobs Plan has bi-partisan answers to help fix our economy and get our communities, and all of Long Island, back on track,” Becker stated.  “While our working families and seniors continue to struggle to make ends meet, only one candidate for Congress actually has a plan supported by 132 American economists.  Jobs and economic growth are the backbone of our community and Country.  My commonsense plan will fix Carolyn McCarthy’s mess,” said Becker.

“The difference between me and my opponent is clear.  While I’ve proposed actual common-sense solutions to create jobs and improve our economy, Carolyn McCarthy keeps voting for job-killing taxes,” observed Becker.

Becker continued to prod McCarthy to hold the long-time incumbent accountable for failing to improve the national and local economic picture recently, especially while she was in the Congressional Majority.

“Unfortunately, during the Obama presidency, including two years where she was part of the huge Democrat Majority of Congress, Carolyn McCarthy refused to create jobs, cut spending or even put Washington on a long-term, sustainable fiscal path,” said Becker.

“Today, in the worst national economy since the Great Depression, Carolyn has been singled out – yet again – as a ‘big spender’ by a non-partisan and independent organization while doing absolutely nothing to get us out of the economic mess she put us in,” Becker added.

The National Taxpayer’s Union (NTU) is the only national independent, non-partisan advocate for overburdened taxpayers in the United States.  A mega-civic organization, the “NTU mobilizes elected officials and the general public on behalf of tax relief and reform, lower and less wasteful spending, individual liberty, and free enterprise. Founded in 1969, [the NTU] work[s] at all levels for the day when every taxpaying citizen’s right to a limited government is among our nation’s highest democratic principles.” (Source: National Taxpayer’s Union website, accessed July 22, 2012)

To formulate their rankings, which they call “the most accurate guide available on Congressional fiscal performance,” the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union analyzed every roll call vote taken in 2011 (First Session of the 112th Congress) and selected all votes that could significantly affect the amounts of federal taxes, spending, debt, or regulatory impact. A total of 337 House votes were selected.

Analysis included votes cast on appropriations bills, authorization bills, budget target resolutions, tax bills, amendments, and certain procedural votes that could affect the burden on taxpayers.  Votes that simply shifted equal amounts of spending from one area to another were excluded. Also excluded were votes where there was a significant difference of opinion on how to vote to reduce or control government and unanimous votes.  (Source: National Taxpayer’s Union website, accessed July 22, 2012)

The number of votes used in the analysis, the objective and nonpartisan weighting of the votes, computerized calculations, and many error checks all combine to ensured the highest possible standards of accuracy.  (Source: National Taxpayer’s Union website, accessed July 22, 2012)

Unlike most organizations that publish ratings, NTU refuses to play the “rating game” of focusing on only a handful of congressional votes on selected issues. The NTU voting study is the fairest and most accurate guide available on congressional spending. It is a completely unbiased accounting of votes.  NTU has no partisan axe to grind. All members of Congress are treated the same regardless of political affiliation. Their only constituency is the overburdened American taxpayer. Grades are given impartially, based on the Taxpayer Score.  (Source: National Taxpayer’s Union website, accessed July 22, 2012)

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Frank August 20, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Don't forget the massive brain fart called NAFTA, also signed by Clinton, that virtually decimated small and mid-tier business in North America.
RobinS August 20, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Clinton has a great deal of contrition for many corporatist free trade deals he made http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-sirota/bill-clintons-little-noti_b_550170.html as he bent over backwards to work with the same republicans who spent $70 million plus on trying to impeach him. As we look back we had 2 terms of Reagan who started this whole mess of deregulation and govt is evil nonsense, 1 term Bush 41, 2 for Clinton , 2 Bush 43 , 1 Obama, so that's 5-3 republicans for a philosophy of Ayn Rand garbage that has deeply hurt our economy and almost brought the world to its knees
joe thrapp August 20, 2012 at 07:43 PM
@RobinS, My point is these two past events must be corrected so this type of crisis is prevented from happening again. The present President and the Congress are to partisan to work on change. I believe we need a change right down the line. The only qualification for any new members is they must work together and not separately. There are enough past events to support any position. This type of thinking will prevent any change if we continue to blame one party or the other for past mistakes. We need to start together and together in the future we must change so these type of crisis are handled in a non-partisan way. I for one would work with anyone to help all Americans. I like reading your posts, all the Best.
joe thrapp August 20, 2012 at 07:57 PM
RobinS, by the way in 1999 Ms. Carolyn McCarthy voted in favor of passing Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, which repealed part of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933. Hopefully she has changed her mind on removing the boundaries on the idea of mega banking as being a good thing for Americans
RobinS August 20, 2012 at 08:22 PM
i agree joebush, but you cannot completely blame Obama for his partisanship , he tried early on sooo hard to work with these bafoons and they refused. now he's doing what he needs to do to win in November. and the choice is not good romney is no choice in my book. we need to vote in progressives who cannot or will not be bought. starting at the local level, keeping the likes of fran becker is out office is a start. we also need to reverse citizens united and bring public financing of elections, we need to remove the money form the campaign. also in my ideal world i would make ads illegal for politicians and go back to free airtime like the old days, problem with that is that the media is raking it in from all of this and are buying the politicians too , it is all broken


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