Great Escape: Don't Let Your Musical Past Haunt You

Take lessons to enhance or rekindle your singing or instrument playing abilities.

Remember when you were little and your dreams and aspirations included being a professional guitarist on the stage, under the lights at Madison Square Garden or belting out tunes as the lead singer of your favorite band? Chances are, high school, college, reality and romance eventually stepped in the way of those plans.

Nowadays, you feel a slight twinge of sadness in between the frantic races to get your teenager to her spring concert rehearsal or your little Beethoven to his first piano lesson. While everyone else is engaged in his or her own musical hobby, it’s time for you to reclaim a little piece of your personal heaven.

Visit , a private, home-based instruction company offering a wide array of options to choose from. Consider lessons in classical piano, ear training, pitch development courses, voice building and styling, breathing control or one of the other services available. Maybe you’re already a bit advanced in the field of music. Before heading to that special audition though, take a preparatory course with the studio to make sure that all of your past flaws and new fumbles are all smoothed out.

Since it’s a home-based environment, the pressure of a million eyes staring at you while you screech your way through a basic tune completely vanishes. The studio is serious business though, especially with 50 years of experience under its belt. Therefore, if “banging on a trash can” a la Doug Funny is more your style, you should probably stick to the pots and pans choir with your toddler.

Before setting off to sharpen your musical skills, remind yourself of an important fact: Reclaiming the path to your childhood fantasies is not necessarily going to make you the next Rod Stewart, Elton John or even Lady Gaga, but you will certainly be able to conjure up some smiles while you sing with the church chorus or play the guitar for your family at the annual Christmas Eve gathering.  


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