Who's Who in East Meadow: Mitchell Allen

Taking a closer look at some of East Meadow's own.

What do you do for a living?  I have always been an early adopter and had an entrepreneurial spirit. Four years ago, I entered the energy industry marketing technologies designed to reduce consumption in commercial environments. I left that firm two years ago and started my own company called . We offer a consultative analysis of commercial energy costs and implement technologies specially designed to lower consumption of air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration. 

How are you involved with East Meadow? East Meadow has been my home for 16 1/2 years. I have a strong commitment to the growth and health of the business community in East Meadow and currently sit as treasurer for the . But I am most proud of the joy I receive in helping families and people in need. For the past 16 years, I have been an East Meadow Kiwanian with a primary goal of improving the lives of children throughout the world. 

This has become a primary part of my life now and has expanded to senior citizens in my chairing of the . I am pleased to currently be the President of the wonderful organization and have been an executive officer for over ten years.

What’s the best thing about East Meadow? Coming from the robustness of Brooklyn and Queens, respectfully, East Meadow offered my wife and I an opportunity to bring up our children in a small rural community that offered a great education a far safer environment, without losing the access to the metropolitan presence of New York City.  East Meadow has everything to offer the average first homebuyer with easy access to loads of shopping, great parks and room to grow.   

How did you end up in East Meadow? My wife and I were city folk and new that once we had children, we wanted to move east. We searched many databases for schools and towns we could afford, as budgets were limited and my wife is a teacher and education was most important to us. We looked for several months and East Meadow made great sense. Barnum Woods became our target as we learned that has achieved Blue Ribbon Honors and we felt that this is where we would bring up our children.

What do you do for fun? With one child in college and another a year away, fun is limited to movies and occasional dinners out, but with my roles as an executive officer for both the Chamber and Kiwanis, I have found a really great group of new friends that I social with as often as possible. These two organizations have so many social events that it keeps my entire family pretty busy and it is often for a good cause.

Tell me about your family. Do you have any children or grandchildren? My wife Karen and I are so very proud of the two very mature young adults we have in our children. Evan, graduate of all is currently studying music as a Jazz Piano major at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and our wonderful daughter Melissa is half way thru her junior year at East Meadow High School and already looking at colleges. 

We are blessed by the talent we have in our children and the compassion that they both have for helping others in fact Melissa plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a Special Education teacher specializing in early childhood intervention.   

What are your favorite places in East Meadow? is by far the biggest benefit any East Meadow 4esident has as it offers the biggest and one of the nicest outdoor venues on Long Island and it is within walking distance for anyone. Additionally and as a big do it myselfer, I look at as my toy store. In addition, and I am proud to suggest that makes a great burger!

Finish this sentence. You know you’re from East Meadow when…The school calendar includes many events that your own children are part of, whether it be a music performance by a great jazz group or a school musical that stars your own daughter. Also, when you can drive down the street on a Saturday morning and you pass a field with over 100 young children enjoying participating in a little league of soccer match while their entire family with carriage in hand cheer them on.  

You also know you're from East Meadow when you can walk through a public park big enough to house three full-sized golf courses, barbecue areas for big family outings and 20-plus baseball fields all in our own backyards.


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