View Finder: Students Make Chocolate Covered Matzo Creations

Children at the I.L. Peretz Jewish School decorate dessert themed matzo in honor of Passover.

Elbow deep in frosting and a smattering of toppings, students at the East Meadow based  put a new twist on a Passover staple on March 28.

Just in time before the holiday begins next Friday, students from all grade levels were able to decorate a piece of matzo with a large variety of dessert toppings. Over 100 children from the school -- divided up into smaller groups -- made their own unique piece of matzo.

“We try to do as many fun activities to celebrate the holidays as possible. What is a better way to celebrate Passover than to take a completely tasteless matzo and smear it with chocolate, frosting and about 50 different toppings,” said Director Staci Davis, adding that this specific event is in its third year. “They love it.”

Davis explained that the students are always excited to make the chocolate covered matzo. This is a fun activity that they can easily do at home and can be made kosher for Passover, she said.

“A lot of Passover desserts are tasteless,” she added. “But if you take matzo and get kosher for Passover frosting and candy and put it on, the kids have great desserts that they can make with their families and it is a lot of fun.”

Amy Shey, a Farmingdale resident and parent of a nine and six year old, said that the kids get really involved in the event.

“It is exciting for them and it makes coming to school fun,” she continued. “They are not just sitting and learning, but now they are actually able to take all of the things they learned about and do a fun activity.”

Check out the photo album above to see what innovative creations the students made.

Did you participate in the event? Tell us in the comments.


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