East Meadow Wakes Up to Yet Another Snowfall

Residents have to dig out from the third significant snowfall of the year, which was slightly more than expected.

Though there have been high snowfall predictions of the storm that hit the area on Wednesday night, many East Meadow residents arose to find much more snow than they initially expected on Thursday morning. Facing the , local residents took this storm in stride, waking up extra early to make sure they could dig out and get to work.

According to the National Weather Service, the East Meadow area received approximately 14 inches of new snowfall. This is on top of what was already on the ground from previous storms, making shoveling particularly grueling for some.

With two large snow storms and several smaller ones challenging East Meadow in the past month, residents knew what they had to do to clear their property come Thursday morning.

“I was out here 6:30 in the morning shoveling instead of getting ready for work,” said Wendy Brickman, who was outside her home on Bethlynn Court shoveling her driveway. “I don’t know if I am going to get to work.”

Even with the students in the middle of midterm week, the closed their schools. After the snow storm two weeks ago, this was the last built in snow day in the school year calendar. If the area sees another large snow fall time could potentially be taken from predetermined vacation days.

“I see there is a lot of snow and it is just a big headache,” student Andrew Jean said. “It is just too much work for me.”

Along with the school district, the and various other . Others were not as lucky and had to dig their way out and head to the office. 

Kristina Smith, an employee at Adelphi University in Garden City, did not have to go to work on Thursday. She explained that though she had off, her father still had to go all the way to the city to go to the office.

“We are up very early in the morning,” Marcia Steinmetz said. “I was up and out here at 6 o’clock because although I work for a school and the school is closed, I am an administrator and I have to be in. We are doing our best to get there.”

Nuri Sayan, who works in Midtown Manhattan, was digging his car out because he was already late for work and he wanted to do his best to get there.

“So far, it doesn’t look good, but hopefully I’ll get there sometime today,” he said.

After a tough winter season, locals seems to be taking the snow in good spirits and understand that they just have to work through it and do the best they can to get to work or school if needed. Many residents also commented on the nice job Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead have been doing on the roads since the " that crippled the area exactly a month ago.

Steinmetz said that she thought that they did a very nice job making sure that the roads were passable.

“By the time we got out our street was plowed,” she said.

“It has more than slowed me down,” said Alan Levy as he was digging out the front of his driveway. “I am trying to get to work the best I can but it is going to take a while to shovel out.”

Levy thought that the town also did a good job clearing the roads saying that it “looks like they plowed through.”

“They only problem is I have to shovel out still,” he said.

Jaime Sumersille January 27, 2011 at 05:16 PM
Great video montage Emily!


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