East Meadow Digs Out After Blizzard

First big snow storm of the season leaves residents with a mostly positive attitude.

East Meadow residents have been digging themselves out of the massive blizzard that tore through the northeast region Sunday night and into Monday, leaving the south shore of Nassau County feeling a large brunt of its impact.

"This is more than we thought. We are just doing what everyone else is doing, just going along," said Lynn Smolinski, an East Meadow resident who was planning on picking up her daughter from Brooklyn today. "We'll see what they say about the roads."

Total accumulations are still not clear, but estimates put the amount that has gathered over the past day anywhere between 15" and 20". Enormous snowdrifts were present throughout East Meadow, with the front doors of being completely covered from top to bottom by blowing snow. East Meadow Public Schools are closed for the entire week due to the holiday recess.

"The roads really suck," said Bob Kalb, an employee at on East Meadow Avenue, one of the only businesses open in the area. "I came over here from the Southern State Parkway and I took my time, but I saw trucks and vehicles stuck on the ramps on the parkway. It is a crazy day to be out." Kalb expects business to be fairly slow on Monday because of the drifting snow and condition of the roads.

Another South Shore Fire employee, Tim Sutch explained that he came into work at 7:30 a.m. and some of the side streets were unplowed.

"Other than that the winds picking up and it is cold now," he said.

Many residents had differing reactions in regards to their inability to get to work. Shovels and snow blowers were out in full force, aiding those who were eager to dig their cars out of the mountains of snow. Most took the storm in stride, understanding that they will get where they needed to go eventually.

"The snow has slowed us down quite a bit. We didn't get out and do the things we wanted to do," said Don Schampieo, an East Meadow resident who was working hard to clear out his driveway and clean off his cars. "With a lot of the wind that we have had there have been drifts. If we need to get out later we will. I work from home so it doesn't really matter to me. My wife will be getting into the office a little bit later and I think she will be able to do it."

Stuart Albert was attempting to remove over two feet of snow off of his car on Andrea Road. 

"It's tough going, can't get to work," he said. "There is about two feet of snow. They have plowed once or twice already. You just have to get the snow into the street so that they can plow it again."

A man who only identified himself as "Lass" explained how he woke up in the morning and knew that there was a lot of snow.

"When it became a little bit lighter, I came outside and shoveled a little bit. It is a lot of snow and very heavy," he said. "Four nice young fellows came along and offered to do my cars and driveway for $60. They did a beautiful job. Now I can go back inside, relax, have a little breakfast and enjoy this snow."

Not everyone outside was shoveling, snow blowing or attempting to open their business, as many children took to the streets to sled, throw snowballs or just roll around in the abundant white powder.

"It has actually been nice because we were away for the weekend, so we celebrated Christmas today," said Beth Smith, who was outside her house with her two children pulling them down Midland Drive on a sled. "Santa Claus came this morning and the kids had a white Christmas. This is Trevor's first time in the snow and he is having a great time."

No additional snowfall is expected, but residents are urged to stay at home unless travel is absolutely essential. Town of Hempstead and Nassau County vehicles will be out clearing the roads for the remainder of the day and will continue into the night.

Michael Ganci December 28, 2010 at 03:07 AM
Great photos Kimberly! Thanks for contributing!


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