Doing a year end clean-out?
KAD Electronics Recycling and Disposal is offering 
FREE PICK-UP service for all your excess,old,outdated,obsolete or broken Computers , Monitors,Laptops, Cable, Wire, Circuit Boards,Central Office Equipment,Phone Systems,and any other type of Electronics you may have stored up in your office.We certify and guarantee 100% Destruction of Hard Drives,Personal Data and any other proprietary information that may be stored or labeled on your system(s).Hard Drives and any other storage devices can also be pulled from your systems and returned to you,free of charge.KAD Recycling enforces a"0" Landfill and "0" export Policy.Please call us toschedule your Free pick-up today!!
p-631-220-8935 / f631-389-2406 


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