Technology is Very Good for Us!

Modern technology has helped us evolve as a species as a whole. Advances have helped us in many ways to accomplish many goals and make better lives for all of us.

In my last blog I wrote about how technology may be taking over our lives and turning us into its slaves but now I want to explore how it is helping us.

Many tasks that we perform daily have been helped by technologies invented over time to make our lives more livable. Electricity, although not a technical breakthrough, has enabled complex tasks and many simple tasks to be performed faster and easier than if they were to be done “by hand.”

Moving to more current technical innovations like cell phone, televisions, microwave ovens, and computers; these inventions and new technologies have enhanced our lives in ways we never could have imagined.  The cell phone has brought communication to our fingers and may have saved a few lives due to its portability, although I think the younger generation has too far in relying on  text messaging as a main use to communicate. They may be called “The Quiet Generation” since they never talk on the phones.

Microwave ovens were invented due to a US Navy officer’s dinner plate cooking while sitting on top of a microwave radar generator and they have changed the way we eat and drink. The funny thing about  microwaves is that many people still don’t know how to cook a bag of popcorn without causing it to burn or flame-up. Overall, food is ready much quicker that if it were cooked in a conventional oven. 

Television also has saved us and made life easier for most by bringing information and entertainment to our living rooms (and some kitchens and bedrooms). Since its invention we have developed a ways to get information from anywhere on the planet by the addition of cable television and DVD’s. Now the technology innovation that has made the biggest impact on our lives has to be the computer; what can’t it do?

Starting out as a geeky toy for the select few who has the courage to read through its many manuals and cryptic codes or building one from spare parts from the local dumpster, this little helper has made its way into every corner of our lives.

You name it and this wondrous device can do it. The computer has become a key communicator is speech, video and writing; replace the entertainment center in many homes; acts as a teaching aide to many students thought to be beyond help. The many technologies we use daily have saved lives, saved businesses from failure, created businesses, saved money through their efficiency and ability to “cut-corners” where traditional ways were unable. 

I think certain technological inventions and innovations are great and beneficial to all. We have to understand them when we use them or else they just become worthless ways of doing the same thing just faster. 

I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics. 

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deon dunbar October 25, 2012 at 12:16 AM
the more we advance in technology the less there will be need for human and then there is global warming just saying global warming say that technology is bad


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